The short-sighted and ill-conceived measures against virus

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The measures I’m reading about that will allegedly be required to ‘protect’ us from a mostly harmless virus, are so impractical and contrary to capitalist economy that they will not be implemented. Over time, quietly and gradually the hyped up fear will be watered down. Authorities can’t admit yet that they overreacted. It’s too soon […]

The real global death toll

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The world population is 7.7 billion. According to my humble calculation a global death toll of ~250,000 comes to 0.000324% That’s the global death rate from the virus, that is if you can trust the numbers said to have died *from* the virus, but even so. Given that not all deaths have been recorded or […]

The Tories will not fix the NHS after this ‘pandemic’

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If anyone is naive enough to believe that this neoliberal UK Tory government will suddenly reform its ways and invest more in the NHS because of this ‘pandemic’, think again! Having an NHS is based on the idea that everyone deserves health care regardless of who they are or how much they have. Neoliberals really […]

Scientists need to be better developed than they are

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Ingenuity without compassion, ethics and responsibility is very dangerous as we already know. Scientists must consider carefully the potential implications of their work. Pursuing curiosity is one thing but doing things just because we are curious or because they are possible can, and often does have terrible consequences. This article talks about genetically engineered babies. […]

Venezuela and the Rest of Us.


The corporate media are well… corporate. With corporate interests now firmly in charge of our political systems, the mass media, research & technology and production, we are completely overtaken by the worldview of neoliberalism. It is so pervasive and so successful that most people don’t even realise how colonised we are, psychologically and otherwise, by […]

Pathetic response to Israel settler-colonialism

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The UN “urged”? Really?? How about “urging” a shark not to eat its victim? How about some more serious intervention in this slow genocide? Israel has been clever enough so far to keep the death toll reasonably small and not (yet) engage in visible mass-killings. Israel knows well that if it suddenly started mass deportations […]

The end of empires — We need a new paradigm

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There is clearly a sense of the ‘last days of empire’ with the US and with Britain. As far as I am concerned it can’t come too soon.   Empires, all empires, have to go and be replaced by human societies that begin to shift towards a cooperative model that does not favour the interests […]

Colonialism is the same everywhere

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A couple of days ago we watched the 2018 film ‘Black 47’. It tells about the Irish Famine through the story of one Irish returned soldier. He comes back from India (another British colony) after fighting for the ‘Empire’ only to find the preventable devastation brought on Ireland by the British colonisers and enforced by […]

Happy New Year — 2019!!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! May this new year be a year of common sense, compassion and fearlessness. May we learn to put kindness and warmth above all else. May the wrong people lose their power and the right people gain it. May we make a good start at looking after our planet and all that […]

We have to do better in the New Year & we can!

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That 4-million people in the UK are so poor they have to rely on food banks, says a lot about how little progress human society has made. The contrast between spending millions on football players, managers, on entertainment, on space programs, on proxy wars, on developing ever more sophisticated weaponry that can kill more people […]