A current and sickening portrait of the Israeli ‘Left’.

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Monday morning blogpost (Thank you Revital Sella for drawing my attention to this video.) Those among my friends who understand Hebrew and who have a strong stomach, please have a look at the linked video. (Unfortunately, there are no subtitles and I don’t think this is by accident btw.) This is modern Israeli academia very […]

Survive or Thrive?

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Human experience in the personal as well as the public domains has shown that things usually have to get really bad before something can begin to change. Maybe Trump and what he and his supporters have unleashed is it. For me the struggle is always between two approaches to life. One is based on our […]

Bad people are predictable. It’s dishonest ‘nice’ people I worry about.

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24thSeptember 2018 Yesterday the British Labour party tweeted a little animated message in which they argue that there are 80,000 homeless families in the UK and at the same time there are 174,000 ‘holiday’ homes sitting empty for most of the year. They propose that if a second home owner paid a small tax every […]

2 x 27th Birthday & I am still here… (Trigger alert)

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**Please be aware that the following post could trigger you if you are an abuse victim. If you are an abuse victim, it is important that you get support and help from professionals who understand abuse and trauma and know how to handle it compassionately, safely and skilfully. Today is my 54th birthday, 2×27. Why […]

Child Sexual Abuse

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I’m glad that the stories of victims of sexual abuse by the Catholic Church are coming out. It’s so courageous and so important that the victims are able to speak in detail about what was done to them. It’s not easy and it’s heartbreaking to listen but it’s very important that we do. It’s the […]

Savages in Armani Suits — The jungle war

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I have just read the piece, ‘Neoliberal Fascism and the Echoes of History’ by Henry Giroux on Truthdig. This is a beautifully written piece. It basically confirms to me that neoliberalism, aka ‘predatory capitalism’, is no more, no less than limbic, mammal, survivalism on a global scale. Dress it up all you like, gloss it […]

Raspberries & humans

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I have just been outside picking raspberries and eating them straight from the bushes that grow in my wild garden. As I was stuffing my face with different size and shape raspberries I was thinking about how we are so good at growing plants for food and aesthetics but how poor we are when it […]

Israel’s official apartheid law


I left Israel in November 1991 not because I was politically enlightened. (I started to leave properly, politically & psychologically, only 10 years later). I left because I found life in Israel oppressive. With the exception of my abusive parents, no one in particular was bad to me. I was Jewish, white, upwardly mobile and […]

“… How amazingly unlikely is your birth”… (Eric Idle. The Galaxy Song.)

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Reading about cosmology, quantum physics, consciousness and the brain, I realise that the probability of each one of us being born to be the person we are is infinitesimally small. It would have taken no more than a tiny little change in any of the steps that led to our individual creation for us not […]

The right of the oppressed to resist & rebel against their oppressors


Welcome to Saturday morning in the north of Scotland, Last night we watched the mini-series ‘Rebellion’. It’s the story of the Irish 1916 Easter Rising. Back in 2016 my partner and I went to Dublin to participate in the celebrations of the Centenary of the Rising. It was incredibly moving to be a part of […]