Happy New Year — 2019!!

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May this new year be a year of common sense, compassion and fearlessness.
May we learn to put kindness and warmth above all else.
May the wrong people lose their power and the right people gain it.
May we make a good start at looking after our planet and all that depends on it (including us).

May we no longer live in, or act out of fear.
May we learn not to waste — anything.
May we learn to share, and may we learn to have enough.
May we experience and spread joy, love and peace with everyone, including those we do not know and those we don’t like.

May those who are grieving, grieve well and recover.
May those who have suffered loss and trauma heal.
May those who are ill be cared for well.
May we create a world where no one feels alone and uncared for.
May we make all forms of war, violence, domination and oppression a thing of the past.

May we believe in the impossible and make it happen.

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