“… How amazingly unlikely is your birth”… (Eric Idle. The Galaxy Song.)

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Reading about cosmology, quantum physics, consciousness and the brain, I realise that the probability of each one of us being born to be the person we are is infinitesimally small. It would have taken no more than a tiny little change in any of the steps that led to our individual creation for us not […]

The right of the oppressed to resist & rebel against their oppressors


Welcome to Saturday morning in the north of Scotland, Last night we watched the mini-series ‘Rebellion’. It’s the story of the Irish 1916 Easter Rising. Back in 2016 my partner and I went to Dublin to participate in the celebrations of the Centenary of the Rising. It was incredibly moving to be a part of […]

Our fleeting inner experience

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Good morning (it’s Thursday morning here in the north of Scotland) I am a psychotherapist and every week I spend time with people who tell me a great deal about themselves. People don’t just share stories, facts, events. They share their mental activity. They tell me what goes on inside their heads, how they feel, […]

We can do better…

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Hi there, My favourite author, the late and great Ursula Le Guin (I sometimes still can’t believe she is no longer with us), discovered blogging in her 80s. She found blogging a strange thing to do and so do I. I often have ideas rattling in my head, conversations with the world and with no […]