How Our Governments are Inducing Collective Hypochondria

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How Our Governments are Inducing Collective Hypochondria Hypochondria is an anxiety-related psychological problem and is one of a group of symptoms or conditions that are driven by chronic anxiety. In hypochondria people attach existing (usually very high) chronic anxiety (anxiety is fear) and worries to their physical health. They imagine that they have something physically […]

Mental health crisis as a result of virus measures


Who couldn’t have seen this coming with the reckless orgy of societal and economic destruction our government calls ‘response to virus’…? And these head teachers want the government to ‘do’ something about it? Like what? Send battalions of (masked) therapists to ‘fix’ these poor, suffering young people? Offer idiotic, insulting but cheap CBT online? The […]

A New Article on Mondoweiss

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This is my newest article published on Mondoweiss, 14th of January 2021 in response to the news about Sheldon Adelson’s death. An obituary for Sheldon Adelson by a former Israeli  Sheldon Adelson has died at the age of 87. By the Israeli standard on which I was brought up, he was a proper Jew, a good […]

New Book!!

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New Book!  Therapy without a Therapist My new book, Therapy Without A Therapist: A DIY Guide to Good Mental Health & Growth is now out. It is available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback. All my clients will receive a free copy as a reference for the work that we are doing. This book is a write […]

How we create our own problems

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This 2015 article from the  Journal Nature (see links at the bottom of this post) could proves that the current virus escaped from a research lab in Whuan. Over there they’ve been doing research on the mechanisms that could enable viruses from animals to cross over to humans. The research is intended to gain knowledge, not […]

Freedom of speech – for whom?

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I believe in freedom of speech and we can’t pick and choose who should be allowed to enjoy it. I do not want social media platforms commercial or otherwise to act as censors and gate keepers. They should have reasonable codes of conduct as we have in any human gathering/group/forum/organisation. FB is blatantly pro Israel […]

Settler-colonialism — How it lies to itself and everyone else

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Posted on my personal FB page on 1/8/2020 Zionist settler-colonialism in Palestine is no different from any settler-colonialist system or regime throughout history, ancient or modern. Israel has not invented anything new. The only difference is that it is happening in our time, right now, under our noses in full view of the rest of […]

Introversion and Extraversion

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Posted on my Fully Human FB page on 1/8/2020 Here is an interesting article about Introversion and Extraversion, which are often misunderstood in general society. A lot of what it says I have told my clients over the years. For many, it has been life changing.   The Myers-Briggs people have long said that there […]

Questioning the lockdown is not a ‘conspiracy theory’…


For all those who say that I am a conspiracy theorist: What conspiracy theories? I have been heavily critical of the lockdown because of the harm it is causing compared with the harm the virus is doing or the lives it is allegedly saving. You need to read what I am actually saying. I don’t […]

More on the woeful lockdown

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(This is a response I posted to someone on FB, a fellow pro-Palestine activist who I deeply respect and love, but who told me that I am placing myself together with Trump and Johnson by objecting to the lockdown. She also argued that because I live in rural Scotland and away from crowded cities, it […]