The short-sighted and ill-conceived measures against virus

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The measures I’m reading about that will allegedly be required to ‘protect’ us from a mostly harmless virus, are so impractical and contrary to capitalist economy that they will not be implemented.

Over time, quietly and gradually the hyped up fear will be watered down. Authorities can’t admit yet that they overreacted. It’s too soon and will make people angry, so the message will be drip dripped in slowly, not all at once.

I cannot imagine that commercial employers will be prepared to skyrocket their expenses, quadruple the amount of space in their open plan buildings, provide unlimited supply of protective gear and all kind of other crap people are demanding and reduce their profits so much as a result, to implement daft and pointless ‘social distancing’ — if I hear that disgusting phrase one more time I’m going to punch something — measures and fake ‘deep cleaning’ practices that cleaning conpanies will tell you are total bollocks (unless they too are prepared to spend a whopping amount of money to change how they clean, which of course means higher costs for their clients.)

Unless we have everything, and I mean everything, in public hands, a completely centralised economy and no private sector at all, which I’m sure all NHS-clapping Tory voters won’t want, none of that nonsense is feasible.

It will drive companies out of business, reduce employment, hike up prices of everything, thus leading to a crippling inflation and high unemployment. It’s time to let go of this virus idiocy and get on with it.

Then we can slowly and thoughtfully change our ways so we can support the recovery of the planet and have a more sustainable, compassionate and heathy existence. But positive change will not come from the misguided fear-driven measures implemented in the wake of this nonsense virus.

It’s not a crystal ball prediction people, it’s common sense…

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