Pathetic response to Israel settler-colonialism

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The UN “urged”? Really?? How about “urging” a shark not to eat its victim?

How about some more serious intervention in this slow genocide?

Israel has been clever enough so far to keep the death toll reasonably small and not (yet) engage in visible mass-killings. Israel knows well that if it suddenly started mass deportations and/or killings there is a real possibility that there will be international intervention, even military.

The way Israel has been eliminating the Palestinians is by slow means, carefully calculated to remain under the radar. Israel would have been more successful of course if it weren’t for pesky social media and alternative news services. But still, Israel is getting away with it because the numbers are never too large, at least by the bizarre standards of our corporate world. (The death of one or of many, what is the real difference?)

When the numbers of dead are larger and are in the hundreds or the thousands, Israel always pretends they were caused by ‘war’. Israel is good at hiding behind the smokescreen and the ambiguities that ‘war’ is so good at providing when it comes to how many died and how they died.

Just as a reminder: It is *never* a war between Israel and the Palestinian people. What we see is a settler-colonial power backed by rich and powerful allies and a hypocritical world, bent on eliminating the indigenous population completely. The slogan in Israel is “all the land without the people” and it is intended for Jews only. On the other side are the indigenous people desperately surviving in increasingly and deliberately impossible conditions and trying to avoid being destroyed.

Pathetic responses like this UN response is not doing much to help the Palestinians. Like I said, let’s “urge” a shark to not eat its victim when its hungry… Good luck with that…

The *entire world* is complicit in the genocide of the Palestinian people in the same way that the entire world was complicit in what Nazi Germany did to the Jews and all the other victims of its genocide including its own people.

From report:
“The United Nations yesterday urged Israeli occupation authorities to end “interference” in Palestinian children’s education in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

“Alarmed by a high number of reported incidents of interference in or near Palestinian schools in the West Bank since the beginning of the school year in September,” the press release stated, the UN called for children “to be better-protected from the effects of Israeli occupation”.

In 2018 alone, the UN noted, there were 111 different documented cases of interference to education in the West Bank affecting more than 19,000 children.

“Classrooms should be a sanctuary from conflict, where children can learn and develop into active citizens,” said Jamie McGoldrick, UN Humanitarian Coordinator in a joint statement with UNICEF Special Representative, Genevieve Boutin, and UN educational, scientific and cultural body UNESCO.”

111 cases of Israel occupation ‘interference’ to Palestinian education in 2018

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