Questioning the lockdown is not a ‘conspiracy theory’…


For all those who say that I am a conspiracy theorist:

What conspiracy theories? I have been heavily critical of the lockdown because of the harm it is causing compared with the harm the virus is doing or the lives it is allegedly saving. You need to read what I am actually saying. I don’t think I can be accused of being unclear…

I have been very clear about what I am saying and no one, and I mean not one person, including members of my own profession have made any comments, not even paid lip service to the point about the lockdown trapping children with pedophiles at home with no school to even see if anything is wrong. Are they collateral damage? What are they going to be told, that we had to do it because we were ‘saving lives’? What are they, chopped liver?… Without lockdown 25% of girls in the UK are sexually abused by someone they know and often in their own home. Globally it is about 30%. The lockdown has created a pedophile heaven. And of course there are other forms of horrible abuse inflicted on people in their own families. Collateral damage? They should just put up with it because we are ’saving lives’?…

And elderly at home stuck with no quality of life because carers are not coming in to take them out anymore, what little joys they have sacrificed because we are ‘saving lives’? And their primary carer stuck at home with no respite? I am working with clients in that position. I see first hand the damage the lockdown is causing and can easily speculate about the rest.

What about prioritising the virus over everything else and the neglect that it is leading to in people who should be diagnosed with things now or should be getting treatment for chronic illnesses? How many lives will be shortened by this and how much of a burden will all this bottleneck be on the NHS not to mention the health problems that traumatised people suffer from that will require medical and psychological intervention? What about the people already with trauma and other problems driven to suicide by the lockdown. And there is more. For example, do people realise that all the third sector counselling organisations that provide counselling for free to people who can’t pay for private therapy like what I offer are going down the toilet and will not survive the lockdown? We will emerge from the lockdown with more health problems, no services for people who need them, suicides, trauma from abuse, shorter lives, misery for the elderly and disabled and mental health problems on top of what they already have and plenty more. I cannot believe how uncaring people can be, how limited and short-sighted to support a policy that does more harm than the good it proposes to do.

How can people justify not engaging with any of these issues and telling me that I am a conspiracy theorist or that I am the same as Trump or Johnson? Really?

I am still looking for anyone who is prepared to engage with me on the real issues I am raising about the harm of the lockdown… I think we live in a sad world if it’s not possible to question such an extreme policy that does so much short and long-term harm. I cannot believe that even people I know to be very intelligent immediately label
anyone who dares to suggest the lockdown might be wrong a conspiracy theorist, a right-winger or some kind of an enemy of the people.

I am a mental health professional and I do not dismiss my own concerns even if others do. Please do look into the faces of these generations of people the lockdown is harming and tell them we were just saving lives. But I suspect when the harm is finally revealed you would be hard pressed to find people who supported the lockdown just like when the harm John Howard was doing to Australia became apparent you couldn’t find anyone who ever voted for him… ?

Whose lives are we saving and who are we sacrificing and who has a right to make that choice? Where is the conspiracy in questioning and criticising the effects of the lockdown and the damage it is doing? ?

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  1. Ray Bergmann says:

    A letter signed by police officers in NSW, dated 26 Oct 2020, addressed to NSW Commissioner of Police Michael Fuller, notes false and misleading COVID-19 statistics, flaws in testing and serious questions around the virus itself.

    The letter makes the very strong point that in the same way they cannot use an inaccurate speed detection device on motorists, the same must be demanded of the RT PCR test and as such, “police should not in any way” mandate testing for COVID-19, or rely on the results.

    For police to raise this within their own ranks may be portrayed as controversial but the action is consistent with common law enforcement, e.g. investigating, exposing and prosecuting a crime of deception carried out against the public.

    Read the Open Letter at

    1. admin says:

      Hi Ray, only saw this now. I am not yet good at attending to my blog. Thank you for this reference. I have seen it too and posted it. Hopefully it went somewhere because so far it doesn’t seem that way. A.

  2. Alan Stanton says:

    I don’t read you as a conspiracy theorist. But as someone with passionate and understandable views which you are willing to share and explain.

    But I do wonder why you don’t seem to have thought it was useful and necessary to present a discussion of the opposing viewpoints to your own observations, ideas, and convictions.

    I have strong – and sometimes angry – views about many things. But most dismaying is often the refusal by people who disagree with me to engage in even some basic dialogue.

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