The Con Job of Neoliberalism

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David Harvey — A Brief History of Neoliberalism. (p7)
“The freedoms [the neoliberal state] embodies reflect the interests of private property owners, businesses, multinational corporations, and financial capital.”
Of course we are told that one, we can all be private property owners and even business owners if we work hard enough and ‘have what it takes’ (the implication is that if we do not ’succeed’ then we are failures as human beings). And two, that when all those predatory people out there have complete freedom to hoard and accumulate aka ’succeed’ in neoliberal lingo, it trickles down to the rest of us. Freedom means freedom from all environmental or labour regulations, basically freedom to do anything they wish to get ahead.
This is nothing more than ancient primate survival of the most ruthless imperative mascaraing as a sophisticated political/economic ‘philosophy’… It doesn’t work on a planet with limited resources and for a species that is growing uncontrollably with no capacity to regulate its birthrate and that pretends that the planet and our resources our infinite. It also doesn’t work even for us because it forces us all to remain in survival mode. Few people have the time, resources or emotional capacity to invest in fulfilling potential. The vast majority are expected to spend their whole life working just to make ends meet and not complain.
I have no doubt in my mind that the rise of mental health problems to the level of a global pandemic is a direct result of our neoliberal way of life. We made this, we can also unmake it. We just have to understand that every human being is important and has a contribution to make not just predators or those who were fortunate to inherit from previous generations or who happen to work in industries that support the neoliberal structure.

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