I’m expecting the worst from DT now that he’s lost the Congress

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I’m a mental health professional, not a political analyst. Psychology is behind everything we do but there are times when a psychological perspective is especially helpful to make sense of politics. DT has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). The core need for people with NPD, and the factor around which their entire existence revolves, is their narcissistic supply, which is adoration.

Achieving unending supply of adoration is at the centre of a narcissistic person’s existence. There is plenty of evidence for anyone to see that this is what DT covets the most. DT interprets everything from within the perspective of this core need for adoration. Nothing else matters much to him and everything is evaluated and measured by it, not rationally or consciously of course. (Reason and self-awareness are among the executive functions that are permanently impaired in people with personality disorders. It’s not their fault. Their brain is genuinely impaired.)

DT is likely to interpret the loss of Congress to the Democrats as a serious threat to his thus far abundant narcissistic supply. Losing a good source of narcissistic supply is the worst thing that can happen to a person with NPD. They are most triggered when it is threatened. The psychological age of a person with NPD is 2-5 years old. A child who feels that those around them lose interest in them and do not ‘admire’ them literally fears for their life. Btw, all the people DT has fired so far were fired most likely because they were either narcissists themselves who he felt competed with him, or because they didn’t admire him enough. To disagree with a person with NPD is interpreted as not adoring them enough! If you adore them they ‘love’ you and if you don’t, they hate you. Think of a 2-5 y/o psychology and it’s pretty clear.

People with NPD lack executive functions which include our capacity to regulate how we feel and behave. When they are triggered they act out, there is little self-control or self-regulation. You could see little snippets of this in the way DT spoke to some of the journalists in yesterday’s press conference who asked him questions that he felt risked making him look bad.

I therefore expect some big drama to unfold in the near future and it’s likely to be really big. The more power a person with NPD has, the more harm they can do. I don’t know what shape or form this drama it will take, but I believe there will be an attempt by him to remove the threat he feels he is facing and restoring his position.

I fear the worst, and as always I hope I am wrong.

(If you have the stomach, watch this sickening video of Ivanka Trump introducing her father. It is surreal but typical. To please him she has to go over the top with her public adoration for her father. She is a child of a parent with NPD and she has been groomed to work in the service of his disorder from the start of her life. She doesn’t know any better. To her this is normal. I am also sure she knows exactly what happens if she doesn’t comply. I suspect that behind the glitz and glamour she is suffering in some way. Children of parents with NPD tend to suffer  a great deal and their psychological injuries are really difficult to recover from.)

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