“… How amazingly unlikely is your birth”… (Eric Idle. The Galaxy Song.)

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Reading about cosmology, quantum physics, consciousness and the brain, I realise that the probability of each one of us being born to be the person we are is infinitesimally small. It would have taken no more than a tiny little change in any of the steps that led to our individual creation for us not to be us, or not to be at all. In other words, the probability of me not being here is infinitely higher than of me being here… ?

Every one of us is completely unique. Even identical twins are not 100% identical. Each one of us has a unique perception and experience of life. Each experience of life is valuable.

Instead of seeing the remarkable miracle that makes each one of us possible, we are treating people as expendable. Perhaps it is time we slowed down, and started to consider each other with respect.

If all of us did this, imagine the profound difference this would make to our collective experience and our destiny as a species.

(more later) x

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